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By order of minister of in dustry, mine and trade, Dr.Razieh Lak was appointed as the Head of Geological Survey of Iran (G.S.I)
According to report of public relations of Geological Survey of Iran, Mohammad shariatmadari , Minister of industry, mine and trade, appointed Dr. Razieh Lak as the Head of Geological Survey of Iran. Based on this report, Dr.Razieh Lak is the former director general of planning, IT and Budget section in G.S.I and she holds ph.D in geology Tehran Teacher training university.(Kharazmi University) Among her responsibilities are: associate professor in research institute of Earth sciences, head of marine geophysics group, deputy of marine geology section, supervisor of marine geology office related to Geological Survey of Iran and sedimentologist and exploring expert in organization of industries and mines in Hamedan Province . Also , she has been ed as superior marine researcher by organization of ports and shipping and International . Marine Organization (IMO) (1396), Superior researcher of ministeries by ministry of sciences, researches and technology (1392), superior researcher in the second and the third Festivals of Industry, Mine and Trade, top-ranking in Research Festival of Teacher Training University (1386), outstanding employee (1377), founder of management of marine geology in Geological Survey of Iran (for the first time) and compiling syllabus of marine geology course in the planning office of ministry of sciences , researches and Technology, localization of marine geophysics in Iran through supplying the related equipment, scientific secretary of at least 10 national and international meetings, supervisor of projects involved with reviving Urmia Lake and coast monitoring related to organization of ports and Head of UNESCO Earth Sciences Committee and vice- chairman of UNESCO Oceanography Committee are among scientific and executive honors of this researcher lady. It is necessary to note that conducting and performing national and applied projects including geological hazards of Urmia Lake and navigation of economic salts extraction (11 projects), marine geology of Persian Gulf extending water boundary of the country, navigation of karstic water resources, paleoclimate, geochemistery and hydrogeochemistry of Mahrlou Lake, navigation of karstic water resources, paleoclimate, geochemistry of Maharlou lakes, navigation of gangue clam sediments related to Sarcheshmeh copper, climate change of Holocene in coastal wetlands, environmental impacts of constructing khalij fars Bridge on Hara jungles, impacts of constructing artificial islands in Emirates on Persian Gulf, execting two international projects with Gent University and Geological Survey of Belgium and cooperation with more than 20 applied national projects are among her activites. Marine geology of Persian Gulf, The Persian Gulf Recent sediments Atlas, of clastic sedimentary rocks, publishing more than 60 papers in valid scientific magazines (scientific research – ISI), more than 300 papers in national and international symposiums, more than 35 reports of research projects, scientific supervision of more than 20 research projects, publishing more than 8 Atlases of marine maps are among her comilations. Geological Survey of Iran takes appointment of this cultured lady as a good and auspicious sign and along with showing respect to Engineer Mohammadtaghi Korei, the former Head of G.S.I , demands her ever-increasing success.
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